Common Personal Injury Mistakes

Whether you’re injured in a car accident or some other situation, personal injury cases are a way for you to get the compensation you deserve. At the law office of Paul R. Bennett, you’ll get an experienced personal injury lawyer with the expertise to get you every penny that’s coming your way. 

Within our practice, we see a number of common mistakes made either during or after the accident that might hurt the personal injury case process. Here are a few of these mistakes and how you can be sure to avoid them if something like this happens to you.

Immediate Mistakes

The hours directly following an accident or traumatic event are often the most important period of time for a personal injury claim. If you’re aware and capable of making decisions after your accident, there are two primary mistakes to avoid:
  • Leaving the scene too quickly: You need to stay at the scene and do a detailed documentation of everything that might be important. This includes pictures, witness information and speaking to authorities if they’re present. In auto accidents, leaving the scene can be viewed as a hit and run even if you’re not considered at fault for the accident. 
  • Not seeing a doctor right away: If you’re injured in an accident, even in a minor way, you should see a medical professional immediately. Not only does this help deal with possible delayed symptoms, it also provides additional documentation of your injuries.

Problems With Documentation

You need to keep track of things like medical invoices, drug receipts, lost wages and any communication with your insurance provider after your accident. In addition, document any specific pain symptoms you have. Keep these documents in order, and always be sure to file your claim within the proper statute of limitations (we can help you with this if needed).

First Offer

In many cases, insurance companies or individual defendants in a personal injury case will try their best to make their first compensation offer appear very attractive. They’re trying to pressure you into accepting it quickly. In these cases, these first offers are usually lowballs – unless advised by one of our attorneys, stay patient and ensure all damages are covered in any settlement.


Finally, one of the biggest mistakes you can make in a personal injury case is not hiring a personal injury attorney. Our lawyers can keep many of the issues above from ever happening, and are trained to identify and address problems with insurance companies or defendants throughout this process.

For more on common personal injury pitfalls or to find out about any of our other legal services, contact the offices of Paul R. Bennett today.

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